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  • Enable your customers to self serve 24/7/365
  • Service better & faster whilst also reducing cost
  • Easily integrate with other systems
  • Continually improve via customer feedback
  • Surface your support & servicing journeys contextually
  • Your customers will love you - How it works
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The 6 steps to customer servicing transformation with Malcolm!

Let Malcolm! take the strain when you service, interact & engage with your users.

1. Users

Step 1 - Your audience

Decide the audience you’ll use Malcolm! with. It’s usually customers but you can also use Malcolm! with staff, suppliers etc - anyone you regularly communicate with.

2. Tasks

Step 2 - Questions & tasks

Think about the questions you are frequently asked, your policies, step by steps or how-to’s plus the recurring tasks or procedures that take up your time.

3. Teach

Step 3 - Setup Malcolm!

Replicate these things in Malcolm! (it’s quick & easy).

4. Integrate

Step 4 - Rules & integrations

Set up any rules, automations & integrations you wish to use (e.g. when someone fills out this form email me and put the data into a Google Sheet).

5. Launch

Step 5 - Launch Malcolm!

Put Malcolm! In front of your customers (we’ve loads of options including pulling into your current website).

6. Optimise

Step 6 - Manage & optimise

Sit back and relax as your customers self service 24/7/365. You can keep an eye on activity and review any feedback from our dashboard.

The benefits of using Malcolm!

Change your business or organisation for the better right now!

All user types

All user types

Work with Customers, Staff, Suppliers, Students, Residents, Brokers, Affiliates, Patrons... you name it!

Save time

Save time

Let your users service themselves 24/7/365. Automate your processes.

Drive operational efficiency

Drive operational efficiency

Scale what you do with no people related bottlenecks.

Improve user experience

Improve user experience

Gain a competitive edge with happy users & inbuilt user feedback.

Bring everything together

Bring everything together

Easily plug into other systems and tools you use.

Track & manage

Track & manage

Our dashboard & control panel gives you oversight of all user activity.

Connect Malcolm! to your favourite apps and services

Integrations allow you to route data you collect in Malcolm! into third party services or your own in-house systems using web hooks. We also offer full API access for enterprise users.

Don't just take our word for it

All over the world businesses large and small love Malcolm!

Faster, better easier services

"It's so clever and a great off-the-shelf solution for FAQs and Customer Support Centre. It's also very affordable for SMEs and scale-up businesses like ours.

The tech is first class, the UX is excellent and the team at Malcolm! is very knowledgeable and always happy to offer support and advice."

Never looked back

"Easy implementation, highly cost effective, great customer support, SEO features out of the box.

A genuinely great customer experience - the team at Malcolm have been highly accommodating of our requests and have been very responsive in addressing any queries."

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