Connect Malcolm! with your favourite apps or services and when a user fills in a Workflow you can route some or all of the information they provide into those systems.

Malcolm! has built in support for many popular apps and can connect with over 1,000 apps & services via Zapier. We also support Webhooks.

Built in


Store uploaded workflow files in your Dropbox folder.

Built in


Sign up customers to a MailChimp distribution list.

Built in


Send an email to a workflow email address.

Built in


Create new Prospects and sync to Salesforce in Pardot.

Built in


Create new Sales Leads and Service Cases in Salesforce.

Built in


Send an SMS to yourself or to a workflow phone number.

Built in


Create a new support ticket in Zendesk at the end of a workflow.

Popular via Zapier

Google Sheets

Create and populate a new row or column & more.

Popular via Zapier


Log a new issue based on user input in a Workflow.

Popular via Zapier


Create tasks, contacts, tickets, engagements, events & more.

Popular via Zapier


Create news task, story, subtask, user, project & more.

Popular via Zapier


Send a message to user or channel, create channel, set status & more.

Popular via Zapier

Office 365

Create a contact, send email, add event.

Popular via Zapier


Create list, card, comment, label & more.


Connect 1000s more of your favourite apps and services to Malcolm! via Zapier

A better way to interact with your customers

Malcolm! is a set of easy to use tools that lets your users service, interact & engage with you online.

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