Malcolm! Solutions

Malcolm! is inherently flexible and powerful. Here are some ideas of how we can improve your business or organisation and make your customers love you in the process.

Facilities / Property

Share information about the building or estate (opening hours, refuse collection, key suppliers, emergencies etc) in Malcolm! FAQ and create forms for tasks like new tenant set up, bookings, car parking, maintenance issues, compliance processes etc in Malcolm! Workflow.

Finance & Procurement

Create a finance, supply chain or procurement portal. Share your policies and processes in Malcolm! FAQ. Easily create slick forms for things like new supplier set-up, purchase order requests, change of details, copy invoice requests, expense claims, account administration tasks etc etc in Malcolm! Workflow.

Healthcare Professionals

Create registration forms and pre-assessment questionnaires that customers can complete before attending your practice in Malcolm! Workflow. Provide information on your services, policies & procedures, staff, location and emergency contact details in Malcolm! FAQ.

Human Resources

Use Malcolm! FAQ to create a knowledge base of all things HR related or to share knowledge and processes across your team or department. Use Malcolm! Workflow to create new starter forms, web journeys for appraisals, staff benefit administration, holiday requests etc.


Build your quote/claim journeys, create change of details forms, test member get member (referral) journeys with Malcolm! Workflow. Create a knowledge base around your products and services in Malcolm! FAQ.

Internal Projects or Initiative

Use Malcolm! to create an online home for your internal project or initiative. Key information for stakeholders can live in Malcolm! FAQ whilst Malcolm! Workflow can be used to handle associated administration tasks.

Letting Agents

Use Malcolm! Workflow to set up registration forms for buyers/renters and sellers/landlords. Create all the web journeys tenants might need e.g. reference requests, change of tenant, property maintenance issues etc. Use Malcolm! FAQ to create a tenant knowledge centre or a guide to an area or a development.

Membership Organisation

Digitise all your member administration and maintenance processes via web forms and journeys in Malcolm! Workflow. Use Malcolm! FAQ to cut your incoming emails and answer common questions 24/7/365.

Consultant or Broker

Use Malcolm! to free up your time and serve your clients better. Create web journeys for tasks like client registration, ID checks and information gathering / asset collection in Malcolm! Workflow. Use Malcolm! FAQ to provide detailed information on your products or services.

Online Service

Answer common pre and post sale questions, create product how-to’s and step-by-step guides in Malcolm! FAQ. Handle incoming contact requests, feedback forms or surveys, user onboarding and/or service setup, product return journeys or fault reporting in Malcolm! Workflow.

Personal Trainer

Create value and a point of differentiation by using Malcolm! to build a portal for your clients. Digitise your best training plans or food tips in Malcolm! FAQ and create web forms for things like appointment booking, client questions or new business enquiries in Malcolm! Workflow.

Offline Business

Digitise your common customer service tasks quickly and easily with Malcolm! Workflow. Save time and money and make your customers happy with 24/7 online servicing. Use Malcolm! FAQ to answer common queries about your products or services. Improve efficiency by integrating Malcolm! with your internal systems and third party services.

Charity, Not for Profits

Communicate more effectively with supporters and stakeholders using Malcolm! FAQ. Use Malcolm! Workflow to streamline tasks like contact requests, volunteer registration or applications for grants or funding.

School, University or College

Use Malcolm! FAQ as a knowledge base about your institution, courses, facilities, processes or procedures. Digitise common tasks turning them into intuitive web journeys available 24/7/365 with Malcolm! Workflow.