Here at Malcolm! HQ we're excited to be rolling out a new offering to support customers who want to work in ongoing partnership with us to create incredible customer self-servicing and automation solutions that deliver huge business value and exceptional customer experiences.

Commenting on the introduction of the Managed Malcolm! service Tom Jordan, Managing Director of Acknowledgement (the company behind Malcolm!), says:

"We’ve introduced this offering in response to client demand for an ongoing partnership that goes beyond just the licensing and use of our platform.

With Managed Malcolm! you can tap into our team's expertise to ensure things are set up in the best way and that the customer self-service elements plug into a client’s existing systems effectively. The ongoing partnership aspect means we proactively work with clients to optimise, enhance and grow their self-service offering.

Malcolm! is very business transformational so once clients realise what they can do with it, how much their customers like it and all the operational efficiencies that flow from implementation they tend to get very excited and want to do more and more with the platform - with the new Managed Malcolm! offering we’re here to support that.”

Managed Malcolm! blends the Malcolm! as a Platform concept with on-going consultancy and account management from our very experienced team. It allows for various custom or bespoke features over and above those already built into the SaaS platform. The model also supports deeper integration with a client's existing systems, custom service level agreements and lots of other things!

For more details get in touch.