Features in detail

Malcolm! is a set of easy to use web based tools that help you interact with your users.

Responsive icon
Desktop, tablet and mobile responsive
Fast search icon
Fast, powerful search
Autocomplete icon
Intelligent autocomplete/type ahead functionality
Browse icon
Multiple browse options including categories, tags, popular, trending, recently added, recently viewed and user favourites
Padlock icon
Password protect your content
Email FAQ icon
Send FAQ to email
User info icon
Collect information from your users, ask questions, record choices, receive uploaded files plus much more
Multiple screens icon
Break forms over multiple screens
Progress bars icon
Progress bars
Thank you screen icon
Thank you screen
Icon feedback
User ratings and feedback
Filters icon
Manage validation, filters, contextual help & error messages
Logic icon
Configure logic flows and routing via rules
Integrations icon
Integrate with third parties including Dropbox, Mailchimp, Twilio, Zendesk, Mandrill & thousands of others via Zapier
Integrate systems icon
Integrate with your own systems via webhooks
Web admin icon
Powerful and easy to use web based administration
Version control icon
Version control, draft and preview management
Schedule icon
Scheduled publishing
Organise icon
Organise your content internally with labels and favourites
Manage users icon
Manage internal users & their editing / publishing privileges, audit trail of all changes
Internal approvals icon
Internal approval management
Promotions icon
Manage promotional areas
Hidden icon
Manage hidden content, can exclude from search and browse and password protect
Analytics icon
Comprehensive analytics
Editors icon
Easily create and manage FAQ content with WYSIWYG and markdown editors
Media icon
Include your own media in FAQs
Library icon
Library of ready made workflows
Drag and drop icon
Build your workflows quickly and easily with our drag and drop workflow builder
Customer activity icon
Review all user activity including completions & abandoned completions
Email completion alerts icon
Manage email completion alerts
Integrations icon
Integrate with third parties including Dropbox, Mailchimp, Twilio, Zendesk, Mandrill & thousands of others via Zapier
Export data icon
Export data any time
SEO icon
Search engine friendly with options to configure URLs and search engine indexing
Delivered icon
Delivered as a fully hosted solution or various options to integrate into your current website, social spaces or apps
Responsive icon
Desktop, tablet and mobile responsive
Domain options icon
Use your own domain / subdomain or ours
Customise brand icon
Customise look and feel to reflect your brand (full theme styling)
Tracking tags icon
Add and manage third party tracking tags
Page meta icon
Add and manage page meta information
Fast setup icon
Immediate set up, you can be up and running within minutes

Service your customers better

Our no-code platform makes it easy!

  • Powerful, easy to use knowledge base software
  • Online form builder with conditional logic & automated follow-ups
  • Use publicly with your customers or internally with your team
  • SEO optimised, fully brandable, use your own domain
  • Continually improve via customer feedback
  • Have a standalone portal and/or bring content into your current site or app via embeds, widgets, popups or plugins
  • And so much more! Discover our industry leading feature set
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