Malcolm! is getting better all the time and yet another feature has just been added - you can now apply a custom status to your Workflow completions and also add internal notes.

Browse Workflow completions in MyMalcolm
Set a Status for Workflows in MyMalcolm

This can be really useful if you want to categorise or mark your Workflow completions to organise them in a certain way - for example you may want to apply the status "Done" or "Processed" to certain Workflows and "Follow Up" to others.  

You can also add notes that your Team can see to a Workflow completion. A handy notes icon will appear in the Completions list to show notes exist.

Add notes to Workflow Completions in MyMalcolm

You can also filter by the status using the filter control top right.  So by doing all these things you could use the Completions area of MyMalcolm as a mini CRM.  

The notes and statuses can be added to both completed and partially completed/abandoned Workflows.

Like many of our features this was a request from our users, so we hope you find it useful and keep the requests coming - submit your ideas via this form!

See a video walkthrough of this new feature below: