Another popular feature request has just been added! You've always been able search for relevant FAQs/Articles - and you can browse your way through the individual categories you create, but what if you wanted to browse all your FAQs/Articles from one page? Now you can with our directory page feature!

Turn this on in Settings --> FAQs --> General where you you can also decide how you want the content on the directory page to be sorted.  

When switched on the directory page can be accessed on your hosted hub URL at /faqs/directory and you can create a link to it from a feature box or promo or from text areas like your homepage preamble (all managed from within your theme).  

The directory will also show all the categories towards the top of the page (clicking any of these will take you into the category view) and then FAQs/Articles beneath sorted in the order determined in MyMalcolm.  

We hope you like this feature! You can see a video walkthrough below.