As well as adding new product features to Malcolm! a lot of other work goes on behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly especially as we continue to scale by adding lots of new customers!

A good example of this is an enhancement to the way secure certificates are managed which has just gone live. As you probably know you can use your own external (sub) domain with Malcolm! - there is no extra charge for this and when you add it via MyMalcolm we'll generate a secure certificate automatically using Let's Encrypt

We periodically renew these certificates automatically in the background and from time to time those renewals fail. Usually it's because a customer has changed their custom URL or sometimes it's because a customer has decided to no longer use Malcolm! - (I know, we don't understand this either!)   Sometimes however our customer might be unaware their custom domain is no longer pointing at Malcolm!

Now if a renewal request fails, after a few automatic retries we'll email you to let you know so you are aware and can fix the issue.  If you are happy for the custom domain to no longer function you can ignore these emails and we'll automatically remove the custom domain from our system.  

A related enhancement is that we'll also now email you to confirm your custom domain is set up and working following the initial domain validation (which involves adding a TXT record to the root of your domain and CNAMEing your subdomain to us)

We are going to start posting about these background changes as well as product features on this blog as a number of customers have expressed an interest in being kept up to date, if you are one of those we hope you find this useful!