If you are a SaaS business or have some sort of online product or service you’ll be aware of how important good customer/user support and service is.  Hopefully you have a dedicated Help & Support area with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Workflows all powered by Malcolm! and our Hosted Hub!

What you may not be aware of is that Malcolm! offers a whole host of easy to use tools that let you bring that same content right into the heart of your application, product or service - we call these Embeds.

Why do this?

There are lots of benefits from surfacing content from Malcolm! in this way - these include:

  • Context - provide the appropriate support to your user right at the point where it’s likely to be needed. For example bring in support content about delivery options and returns on the delivery page of your check out process.
  • Prevent drop off - users drop off or stop doing something when they are unsure or unclear about something or have a question.  Surface your support content at this point to answer their query and stop the drop off happening.  If your product or service has some complexity in parts use support content surfaced in those parts to encourage and reassure your users and further explain things they may not be immediately familiar with.
  • Capture information and uncover issues - don’t forget you can also surface Workflows (forms) as well as FAQs - these are a perfect way to capture in the moment feedback eg “Was there anything we could improve?” style content
  • Empower your support team - by bringing support content into your application, product or service via Malcolm! the support team can easily update and create content (and the way that content behaves) without needing time and input from your main development team - just add the Malcolm! tags into your application, product or service once and you are good to go - everything can then be managed from our comprehensive control panel MyMalcolm.

What sort of options to surface content do I have?

We offer the following type of embeds:

  • Floating Widget (with button and draw options) - this option floats a button or drawer “pre-expand” over your site, application, product or service - when clicked a content panel opens up
  • Overlay / Pop Up - this opens an overlay / popup over whatever the user is currently seeing - it’s triggered by a link you can place wherever you want in your site, application, product or service
  • Inline - pull content directly into the same pages/screens your users are seeing with this option - use blend mode for a truly seamless experience!
  • Full Page - finally this option replaces your entire page content with Malcolm! content - this can be useful in certain scenarios!

How do I implement?

You can create and manage your Embeds from the Share section of MyMalcolm - instructions are here!