If you are a multi site / multi location business like a chain of shops or restaurants you’ll face the unique challenge of trying to provide a consistent experience to customers whilst having different staff in different locations who’ve never met each other and often have very short training cycles.  Managers who do know the ropes may be shared across locations and can’t be everywhere at once.

When a service situation arises how can you ensure your staff on the ground know the “proper” way of doing things?  How do you ensure they do everything just the way they are supposed to with consistency and thoroughness from site to site - just like your customer knows and expects.

Many businesses will have some sort of “manual” which details the ways things should be done.  Often this manual is actually a ring binder with frayed pages that might be changed every so often by head office mail outs - (eg Christmas refund rules may get updated each year)

In some ways this isn’t a bad solution.  It gives staff a go-to place for answers.   But it could be so much better.  A ring binder is hard to search.  It’s hard to update.  It isn’t interactive and it can also be misplaced!

There is a better way. And that better way is called Malcolm!

Use Malcolm! to...

  • Create a staff only knowledge base (replace ring binders!)
  • Store all your policies and the information staff need to know
  • Digitise procedures and admin tasks (replace paper based forms!)

Malcolm! is great because it’s...

  • Fast to setup and deploy - you can be up and running with Malcolm! is less than an hour
  • Quick to use - staff can search for content via natural language search or browse in a variety of ways (tags, categories, most popular content, most recent content etc)
  • Easy to update - change content whenever you need to & react to ad-hoc situations
  • Scalable - share across multiple sites or branches with no extra costs related to usage or number of staff who access
  • Cost effective - both in the actual cost and the reduction in time it will take to train your staff!
  • Self improving - get suggestions from the people using the system - your staff! Crowdsource their insight to make your content ever better
  • Insightful - powerful analytics let you see what staff are searching for and what content is being viewed
  • Secure - put behind a password.  Enterprise clients can also tie down by IP address or integrate Malcolm! with a single sign on / federated login system
  • Connectable - plug Malcolm! into other systems you might use like Dropbox, Mailchimp, Google Sheets and over 1,500 other apps and services
  • Fully brandable - style the look and feel of Malcolm! to match your own brand and configure to use your own URL

What are you waiting for? Try Malcolm! now - sign up for our 14 day free trial here - you won't need a credit card.