Lots of our customers use Malcolm! to build out customer flows and journeys that are linked to their other systems.   The combination of being able to pass data into a Workflow via the incoming URL (for example a transaction ID or customer ID) and then write back to other systems post customer Workflow completion using Integrations or Webhooks means you can rapidly and cost effectively build out your online account servicing in hours rather than months.

And it's just got even better!  We've had several requests to be able to tokenise / encrypt the values included in the incoming Workflow URL and you can now do just that.

Using Encryption in Malcom! Workflows

Any question field that supports URL query values can now be secured with your secret key - e.g. text fields, hidden fields, number fields, email address fields, etc.

Find out more details about how to pass secure values into Malcolm! Workflows in this FAQ.

We hope you enjoy this feature!