One of the really great things about Malcolm! Workflows is that once you collect your user or customer data you can route it to other places via email alerts (we call these "email answers") or via integrations.

We already supported conditional routing (eg send an email or push to an integration in these circumstances) but we've just gone one better by supporting "and" scenarios on those rules.

For example imagine a scenario where you looked after building maintenance and you have created a simple "Report Maintenance Issue" Workflow

Say you wanted to set things up so if someone reported an electrical issue and flagged that issue as urgent an email was sent directly to your electrical contractor.

Here is how you would set that up in MyMalcolm (in the configure part of the Workflow in question):

Or maybe if someone reported a door issue and supplied pictures you wanted to upload that to your Dropbox?  You would set that up like this:

As you can see this gets very powerful very quickly.  If someone reports a gas issue you could use our Twilio integration to SMS an on-call engineer.   For certain non urgent requests you may prefer to email someone in your own team rather than directly emailing a contractor - with "and" rules the choice is yours!