2024 is getting off to a very exciting start with the news that Malcolm! has agreed a partnership with NachoNacho.

In case you are unaware, NachoNahco is the world’s largest B2B SaaS + Services marketplace.  Buyers can browse all sorts of software in their marketplace and benefit from discounts of up to 30%.  To purchase you use virtual NachoCards which offer 1.5% cashback on spend.   What's not to like 😀

Partnering with NachoNacho will help us spread the word about Malcolm! further and further.  We'll get to help transform the servicing of more great businesses and organisations all over the world - and that makes us really happy! Great customer servicing is our passion and our reason for getting up in the morning 🙌

A great start to what promises to be a great year 🎉